participants Batch#3


Glissandoo — an all-in-one SaaS designed for musical communities where we provide an engaging experience for musicians and singers



We believe in the huge power and potential of culture and, as an early-stage SaaS in the industry, we are happy to be a part of CultTech.

We would like to improve our product and get funded.

We’d like to meet talented people, learn from them and capture the funds that will speed up our growth.

My SMASH Media

My SMASH Media — a SaaS marketplace for Creative projects, the platform enables users to trade IP. Streamlined, efficient and creative,SMASH enables decision-makers in the film & TV industries to connect with the innovative projects that will attract audiences.  And creatives are able to share their projects securely, and be discovered democratically. 

CultTech Accelerator is a good chance to expand our networking in Europe. Also, there are few Creative Industry accelerators so it was good to discover about CultTech.

We are a global company. We are a volume company. We wish to meet new people all over Europe. People, who can make recommendations which are important and can help boost our current traction.

We crave to learn more about the European creative landscape and meet interesting mentors that can add value. We also hope to get access to potential investors and decision-makers in film and TV.


Tutti streamlines creators’ work by automating non-creative tasks, starting with booking spaces for shoots, rehearsals, and events. Used by independent artists, major brands, and studios, Tutti now offers both a venue marketplace and an all-in-one collaboration app for the $2.5 trillion creative event industry. With 80% of planners lacking software, Tutti replaces disjointed communication methods, saving time and enhancing creativity.


We are obsessed with the intersection between culture and technology. Seemed like the perfect place for us.

We’re looking forward to meet more founders, mentors, advisors, investors, and interesting people who share in our obsession in CultTech sphere.

Our hope is to be able to raise some extra funding and take advantage of the exciting opportunities.

Reasoned Art

REASONED ART culturally and economically enhances digital art in three different ways: Curated Digital Art Gallery, Monuverse: sale of digital art to support the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, and Brand Collaborations: consulting on digital art and NFT technology.




We believe that CultTech can be a valuable companion in building a new way of experiencing and enjoying art and culture.

Exploring new visions to build the next value standard for the NFT Art ecosystem.

We are eager to meet other founders and learn from them. We are also interested in the European market, so we are planning to start our expansion to Europe while doing the program.


CityRiddler is your personal city-tourism assistant, and it creates individualised city experiences with an AI algorithm based on the user’s interests with interactive riddles. Tourists have the chance to live the city like locals do, while locals get the opportunity to become tourists in their own city.


CultTech has a special focus on culture and arts, unlike other accelerators. Currently, we are at the right stage to benefit from the extensive experience of the experts in the mentors’ pool.

Our goal is to finish the last stages of getting investment-ready. At the same time, we hope to get to know new fellow entrepreneurs and exchange our own experiences.

Meeting exciting founders in our batch, and getting the most out of communication with the carefully selected mentors.


Maecenarte is the first geosocial network application for artists, art organizations, and art lovers where everyone is empowered to join the art conversation and connect everywhere with the local art scene.



We believe that in the age of AI, ML, Metaverse, and Robotics, the cultural sector should be the heart of the economy. Together with the CultTech movement, we can step by step, accomplish this vision and trigger a new Renaissance.

Our goal is a deepened knowledge of the cultural entrepreneurial space.

Networking with tech innovators and investors in the cultural space.


METAWALLS is the first platform to bridge the Street Art movement and blockchain. We are building a solution for artists, fans, and collectors to create, grow value, and generate new revenue streams.



CultTech is the first accelerator that amplifies Cultural Entrepreneurship in combination with Web3. This is a very innovative, and pioneer-spirited approach, that resonates with the values and vision of Metawalls.

To connect with an amazing network of founders and projects, learn from the experts, and become part of the pioneer movement of cultural innovation.

We hope to create meaningful connections with other stakeholders in the industry and find new partnerships. 

Quantic Brains Technologies

QUANTIC BRAINS builds General Artificial Intelligence brains for 3D characters, thus audiovisual content can be automatically generated. Quantic creates the dialogue, scripts, voices, the music, the characters are animated, and the content is produced in its entirety.


Collaborating and exchanging knowledge with European cultural companies presents a unique opportunity for mutual growth.

We want a better and deeper understanding of the needs of the cultural sector. Thus we’ll able to offer our AI solutions in a more accurate way.

To gain access to a network of investors who are committed to the CultTech sector and help develop our project and industry as a whole.


Lanced is developing an AI-powered production management platform & integrated marketplace for artists, professionals, and organizations in the Creative & Cultural Industries.



Our slogan is ‘Empowering Creativity with Technology’ and that is what got us into CultTech. Our missions are aligned. We believe CultTech would be a perfect accelerator program for us. They have a great program set up with a wonderful team of coaches, mentors, supporters, and collaborators.

We want to be able to clearly communicate our vision, mission and necessity to investors. In the form of a well-designed pitch that will help us close our pre-seed round. We believe that taking part in the Accelerator will be useful for us in that sense.

To improve our product and get funded.

participants Batch#2

my Culture

myCulture is like Netflix for art! A mobile app that provides users with personalised recommendations for art exhibitions. They educate users about art topics in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. This way they create long-term relationships between art lovers, museums, and soon, galleries.


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At myCulture, we want to make art and culture more accessible and thus more inclusive, by the use of technology. CultTech Accelerator can support us as they understand our goals and have the specific expertise and resources that can help us succeed. 

We want to get investor-ready and learn as much as possible to successfully grow myCulture.

We hope to create meaningful connections with other stakeholders in the industry and find new partnerships. 


Motmo is a Music EdTech platform where original artists teach you how to play their best songs. For more than 30 years, no official materials of pop/rock/indie/metal artists have been published. It has created a huge knowledge gap as thousands of songs have been left without learning materials. In Motmo you can be sure that what you are learning to play is the same as what the original artist plays. 


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Main reason — community. We want to learn from other startups in our sector, share our knowledge and understand how to avoid some common mistakes.

We have just closed our pre-seed round and we’d love to move on and scale.

We are eager to meet other founders and learn from them. We are also interested in the European market, so we are planning to start our expansion to Europe while doing the program.


Guayaba is a streaming platform dedicated only to exceptional films from Latin America. It showcases some of the most original and stimulating movies made worldwide today.


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It is an amazing opportunity for Guayaba due to the nature of our project.

We want to make sure we are on the right path to successful investment.

To be in a challenging and stimulating environment where our project can develop and achieve its highest potential.


Proofcheck is an AI proofreading app that catches embarrassing errors so that your audience doesn’t. Their in-browser workflow tool harnesses multilingual ML and NLP to intelligently and automatically detect typos and other mistakes in PDF and ePub content, from books and magazines to academic articles and reports.


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Accelerator marries the two fields our startup engages with: technology and the creative industries. Ensuring that culture isn’t overlooked by tech innovators is crucial and will make a meaningful difference for culture workers, creatives, and the field as a whole.

We want to bring automated support to as much of publishing as possible, in as many languages as possible. We want to grow as leaders and founders and bring our business to the next level. 

We’re looking forward to joining a community dedicated to CultTech!


Cinepster is an animated presentation creation software where all templates are designed by contemporary artists. It puts art to work for the benefit of culture, education, social causes and businesses. It introduces a new art medium to the digital art ecosystem. 


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It looked like a perfect match at first sight. We feel that CultTech uniquely combines and supports the culture and technology that will elevate our service for the better. Cinepster wants to be part of the CultTech network, where ideas that integrate technology and culture can evolve into services that are relevant on the market.

Cinepster has diverse potentials and we need to find the currently optimal approach and that one striking promise that will rise above all.

We are certain that CultTech will guide us to find our best possible positioning in our competitive market and introduce us to the most valuable network in order to make us visible to the understanding eyes.

United Arts Arena

United Arts Arena® is the world’s first platform for live NFT art battles and gives talents a stage for their creative energy! There, artists from all over the world will meet and compete in live art battles, connect and unite in a community. #TogetherWeGrow ideas. 


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We see the program as a boot camp to get better and grow in important areas.

We want to develop a modern, value-based business model for artists and art lovers, which is in line with the spirit of Web3.

At the end we want to be ready with our pitch for potential partners, sponsors and the big stages.


ArtCentrica is an app revolution for art learning experience. It provides professors of art and art history with a cloud service that supports and improves lessons in a simple and engaging way. ArtCentrica app allows to visualise in detail, compare, and virtually measure artworks from different museums.


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CultTech is the only Accelerator focused on art and technology that are crucial for ArtCentrica vision and for society.

We want to increase our network and find investors.

Better understand how to position ArtCentrica in the Metaverse and in the NFT arena.

Instruments of Things

Instruments of Things offers an easy-to-use real-time motion controller to enable anybody to control music, media and enter the virtual world with new interaction possibilities. It’s a German startup with roots in the MusicTech industry. After entering the live performance market, the next big step is to bring their technology to the Metaverse.


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To expand our network in the creative industry and to find promising collaboration opportunities.

To improve our go-to-market strategy and market entry with our latest products / to get investment ready.

To get support in preparing our next funding round.

participants Batch#1


Artano is a community-curated NFT bazaar connecting top NFT bazaar connecting top artists, fashion brands and galleries to communities on the Cardano blockchain. The team is building the next generation of NFTs, coined infinite NFTs that evolve over time and add time and add data as a new dimension to an art piece.


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The CultTech accelerator would allow us to connect with leading global startups who pave the way to a new perception of culture. We can’t wait to grow and learn with everyone involved, build strong relationships with other founders and hopefully meet interesting artists who would like to participate in our NFT ecosystem. 

We hope to learn about the role of culture in web 3.0, create a stronger bond with our artists and collector base for our product, and learn what we need to achieve growth and keep up with the high demand of our marketplace. 

We hope to achieve long-lasting relationships for years to come. We would love to male a real impact on culture and increase the quality of NFT’s, beyond collectibles and into galleries and museums. We hope to help the program grow in the future and help participants that come after our batch. 


Embodme develops proprietary sensor technologies for 3D touch and touchless interaction. This project is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on its surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas. 


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One of the rare accelerators for music and tech. 

Better at pitching and networking. 

Refining our strategy and meeting with key people from the industry. 


What is Enote? Professional scores. Powerful features. Unlimited access. Enote is sheet music for the 21st century. The Enote library has thousands of works from the baroque to the late romantic era, reconstructed in a reliable digital format.


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It’s always great to connect within cultural related founders and talk about the common struggles.

Find investor/mentor contacts, talk to founders in similiar situations.

To find an additional investor. 


KLOOV is a social Web3 platform for Music, closing the gap between artists and their audience through innovative monetization & royalty sharing models based on NFT technology.


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We’re a startup focused on cultural transformation through Web3 innovation. Merging deep technology with music and visual art.

Access to other European markets, possible collaborations and support on fundraising.

That the program will add great value to us and give us more visibility in the European cultural scene.


kunsttell is an AI-app which helps users to improve mental health while discovering art.


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To finally talk to those investors and mentors, who are interested in the specific CultTech sphere.  

I want to prepare my startup for the angel/pre-seed investments.

To get a supportive community of entrepreneurs and mentors with the same values and interests.


Ornamika is a subscription based AI powered ornaments & patterns design platform. It contains vector reconstructions of world ornamental heritage (from MET museum, ARTIC, Rijksmuseum, Tokyo National Museum, etc), modern patterns with ethical spirit and sfotware allowing to customize patterns and instantly apply them to a speicifc design task.


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CultTech is a great match for our company/ product profile and we believe that here we will get support tailored to our specific business needs.

1. To develop partnership strategy with other design tech companies and start its implementation. 

2. To find investors.

We hope the program will help us reach out to great amount of potential partners leading to the next level of our business development.


Wail is an organic platform for live events worldwide. A solution for social engagement around events, a marketplace (tickets), event discovery  and SAAS for event organisers/ promoters. Wail is a b2b2c service with the aim of connecting the music industry directly with fans.


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We decided to participate in CultTech since the program, being custom made for highly developed early-stage startups, fits us perfectly where we are right now.

Getting investment-ready and creating a tangible and clear proof of concept alongside widening our international network.

Helping us to create a focused and achievable roadmap with priority in investment, business model development and go to market.


Empowered by the creative economy and AI, Wisr is a social curation platform and discovery tool for new media formats such as podcasts, videos, articles and audiobooks. Wiser combines human curation with AI to create the most personalized and intellectually fulfilling media experience ever made.


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To be part of a global community of successful people from the arts & culture space. 

Expand our network of intellectual content curators, generate more traction, meet with likeminded investors.