participants Batch#4


AerariumChain — provides software-as-a-service solutions to support art and cultural heritage in conservation and fundraising.
The company has developed an accurate, scalable, yet cost-effective process that enables customers to perform 3D scans of artworks. This makes it possible to generate new digital assets of the highest quality in a very short time and without the need for specific technical skills.


ArtistConnect — is a networking and collaboration platform for digital music creators. The ecosystem allows artists, songwriters and producers to network, collaborate and do business.


Holst — a platform to exhibit and view digital art in the real world. It enables everyone show, share, and view art in AR easily. Holst mission is to create community-driven global AR gallery in urban spaces available worldwide.

La Fomo

La Fomo — is the invite-only guide to London’s art & culture scene for curious Londoners in search of something different. 
With La Fomo, curation and innovative technology meet to revolutionise the way Londoners discover the city’s vibrant art scene.


Lissen — an all-in-one interactive music platform that offers an alternative to the classic streaming model with a pure user-centric approach, data transparency and experience interoperability.
This project is a medium enabling artists to get more freedom, data and money so fans can get more music, experiences and value.

Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music — a leading full-service platform that makes music education easy. Music teachers can market themselves better, earn more, and manage their students and lessons in the Matchspace Music web app. Students find the right teacher, set their schedule, and enjoy an improved learning environment.


Boolee — is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in data-driven solutions for cultural and attraction institutions. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Papillon centralizes and analyzes scattered data from various sources to provide actionable insights that enhance visitor engagement, marketing efficiency, and revenue growth. 


As interest in performance & video art surges, PerformVu offers a dedicated streaming platform to scale accessibility and reach wider global audiences. Beyond amplifying this content, PerformVu is revolutionizing the way independent artists and top galleries worldwide monetize it. is working with leading art fairs, galleries, and artists from around the world, to provide a revolutionary artwork image recognition in connection with an art inventory management tool. Through the web application, visitors of art exhibitions receive contactless and digital artwork and exhibitor information without a download or registration. Combined with detailed analytics and insights into visitor behavior, changes the way art is experienced.

participants Batch#3


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Glissandoo — an all-in-one SaaS designed for musical communities where we provide an engaging experience for musicians and singers

My SMASH Media

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My SMASH Media — a SaaS marketplace for Creative projects, the platform enables users to trade IP. Streamlined, efficient and creative,SMASH enables decision-makers in the film & TV industries to connect with the innovative projects that will attract audiences.  And creatives are able to share their projects securely, and be discovered democratically.


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Tutti streamlines creators’ work by automating non-creative tasks, starting with booking spaces for shoots, rehearsals, and events. Used by independent artists, major brands, and studios, Tutti now offers both a venue marketplace and an all-in-one collaboration app for the $2.5 trillion creative event industry. With 80% of planners lacking software, Tutti replaces disjointed communication methods, saving time and enhancing creativity.

Reasoned Art

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REASONED ART culturally and economically enhances digital art in three different ways: Curated Digital Art Gallery, Monuverse: sale of digital art to support the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, and Brand Collaborations: consulting on digital art and NFT technology.




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CityRiddler is your personal city-tourism assistant, and it creates individualised city experiences with an AI algorithm based on the user’s interests with interactive riddles. Tourists have the chance to live the city like locals do, while locals get the opportunity to become tourists in their own city.


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Maecenarte is the first geosocial network application for artists, art organizations, and art lovers where everyone is empowered to join the art conversation and connect everywhere with the local art scene.


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METAWALLS is the first platform to bridge the Street Art movement and blockchain. We are building a solution for artists, fans, and collectors to create, grow value, and generate new revenue streams.

Quantic Brains Technologies

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QUANTIC BRAINS builds General Artificial Intelligence brains for 3D characters, thus audiovisual content can be automatically generated. Quantic creates the dialogue, scripts, voices, the music, the characters are animated, and the content is produced in its entirety.


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Lanced is developing an AI-powered production management platform & integrated marketplace for artists, professionals, and organizations in the Creative & Cultural Industries.

participants Batch#2

my Culture

myCulture is like Netflix for art! A mobile app that provides users with personalised recommendations for art exhibitions. They educate users about art topics in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. This way they create long-term relationships between art lovers, museums, and soon, galleries.


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Motmo is a Music EdTech platform where original artists teach you how to play their best songs. For more than 30 years, no official materials of pop/rock/indie/metal artists have been published. It has created a huge knowledge gap as thousands of songs have been left without learning materials. In Motmo you can be sure that what you are learning to play is the same as what the original artist plays. 


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Guayaba is a streaming platform dedicated only to exceptional films from Latin America. It showcases some of the most original and stimulating movies made worldwide today.


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Proofcheck is an AI proofreading app that catches embarrassing errors so that your audience doesn’t. Their in-browser workflow tool harnesses multilingual ML and NLP to intelligently and automatically detect typos and other mistakes in PDF and ePub content, from books and magazines to academic articles and reports.


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Cinepster is an animated presentation creation software where all templates are designed by contemporary artists. It puts art to work for the benefit of culture, education, social causes and businesses. It introduces a new art medium to the digital art ecosystem. 


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United Arts Arena

United Arts Arena® is the world’s first platform for live NFT art battles and gives talents a stage for their creative energy! There, artists from all over the world will meet and compete in live art battles, connect and unite in a community. #TogetherWeGrow ideas. 


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ArtCentrica is an app revolution for art learning experience. It provides professors of art and art history with a cloud service that supports and improves lessons in a simple and engaging way. ArtCentrica app allows to visualise in detail, compare, and virtually measure artworks from different museums.


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Instruments of Things

Instruments of Things offers an easy-to-use real-time motion controller to enable anybody to control music, media and enter the virtual world with new interaction possibilities. It’s a German startup with roots in the MusicTech industry. After entering the live performance market, the next big step is to bring their technology to the Metaverse.


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participants Batch#1


Artano is a community-curated NFT bazaar connecting top NFT bazaar connecting top artists, fashion brands and galleries to communities on the Cardano blockchain. The team is building the next generation of NFTs, coined infinite NFTs that evolve over time and add time and add data as a new dimension to an art piece.


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Embodme develops proprietary sensor technologies for 3D touch and touchless interaction. This project is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on its surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas. 


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What is Enote? Professional scores. Powerful features. Unlimited access. Enote is sheet music for the 21st century. The Enote library has thousands of works from the baroque to the late romantic era, reconstructed in a reliable digital format.


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KLOOV is a social Web3 platform for Music, closing the gap between artists and their audience through innovative monetization & royalty sharing models based on NFT technology.


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kunsttell is an AI-app which helps users to improve mental health while discovering art.


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Ornamika is a subscription based AI powered ornaments & patterns design platform. It contains vector reconstructions of world ornamental heritage (from MET museum, ARTIC, Rijksmuseum, Tokyo National Museum, etc), modern patterns with ethical spirit and sfotware allowing to customize patterns and instantly apply them to a speicifc design task.


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Wail is an organic platform for live events worldwide. A solution for social engagement around events, a marketplace (tickets), event discovery  and SAAS for event organisers/ promoters. Wail is a b2b2c service with the aim of connecting the music industry directly with fans.


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Empowered by the creative economy and AI, Wisr is a social curation platform and discovery tool for new media formats such as podcasts, videos, articles and audiobooks. Wiser combines human curation with AI to create the most personalized and intellectually fulfilling media experience ever made.


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